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The 5 Best Enterprise Password Management Software’s

Password management is a crucial part of doing business with constant security. With hackers and lost password resets being common problems, and some companies even dealing with careless employees, it’s clear that protecting those passwords means protecting your business.

Enterprise password management software can make a difference here. These programs aim to provide access to the safest variants to employees, end users and even third parties who may need to deploy over their network or use their terminals to check the progress of their work. In such a case, instead of giving someone a password and following the “honor system,” you can rely on software to monitor credential usage, manage access for individual user types, and even issue alerts based on the types on which may encounter an output activity creation . before security problems arise.

While many of these programs are simply powerful consumer-level platforms, others are specifically designed to serve and meet the needs of businesses. If that’s what you’re looking for, look no further: here are five of the most powerful enterprise password protections.

Lastpass Company

It’s a free password manager at first glance, and with its user-friendly interface, few would guess otherwise. However, LastPass is designed for more: with plans geared towards both small teams and enterprises, you can use this platform to manage and centralize access from an IT control center, monitor dark web activity and even access job sites remotely. Tools for businesses with teams working from home.

Also, the value of this platform far outweighs its cost, whether you’re just using the $4/user/month Teams plan or planning to have the enterprise features and authentication tools together for $8/user/month. Their goal with LastPass is to offer access without breaking the system, and these plans allow you to do just that.

From storing digital records to accessing password sharing to the remote work capabilities that are increasingly important today, LastPass is a clear contender for any team that needs tools to keep their business safe and secure keep protected.

operations guard

Keeper Business

risk mitigation. That’s what Keeper Business is all about. When it comes to you, your data, and a flawed protection protocol, Keeper is the missing component that prevents you and your business from being victimized online or anywhere else. With Keeper Business, users can rely on a zero-knowledge security architecture. Keeper does not store your data; In fact, you don’t even know your information. With private encrypted vaults for each user to store such information and adherence to the highest network security standards, industries of all types can keep their data safe with Keeper. That means even the most sensitive government standards like HIPAA and GDPR are followed smartly and securely.

You can even add more protections and features like encrypted messaging between team members or even a dedicated onboarding system. Role-based access controls and client-side logs make this tool ideal for sharing access with small and large teams at an incredibly affordable price starting at $45 per user per year. , the software seems to be a. well, a gatekeeper.

1business Password

One of the most popular tools on the market today, 1Password is a piece of software that packs the expected features like password generation and document storage, but the business plan is where the magic happens. With custom roles and groups for access and other ultimate organization as needed, 1Password Business makes it easy to track and control the details of your business assets, especially with its app integrations for multi-factor authentication or security features. Biometric login security.

1Password offers its Business plan for $7.99 per user per month and comes with unlimited password storage and device syncing capabilities. It also implements a specific password manager account for each user you grant access to, while the central account manages authorization and activity details to ensure your business stays secure.

Hashicorp Vault

A custom password manager may not be right for you. Instead, you may be looking for Enterprise Password Management (EMP) software that uses APIs and automated protocols across multiple endpoints to grant access to your organization’s users. Then HashiCorp Vault is for you. This open-source program is free for users, but if you’re looking for features designed for a business account, it’s best to contact them directly for a quote.

While this software lacks a “password manager” in the traditional sense, its use of top-notch data encryption protocols, identity-based access, and disaster recovery makes it a popular alternative to some of the more consumer-oriented platforms. Level of protection than curated, business-specific programs.

Solarwinds Passport

Passportal is another SOC 2 certified security software that offers PC users personal password vaults. Passportal offers free trials for new business accounts before charging prices starting at $18 per user per month. This program puts you in control by automating password renewal, granting or revoking account access remotely, and even performing security checks when needed, so you can be confident your business will keep running.

Because the password and document management logs are easily secured with 256-bit AES data encryption and the Passportal Blink feature that allows select users to reset passwords as needed, this program holds an excellent position in the market. like other solid EMP software.

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